Sunday, April 20, 2008

Enter the Story

Recently, our pastor reminded my church that worship is all about THE story: the story of God creating our world and us; our choice to break our relationship with God and go our own way. The story of God coming to rescue and reconcile us and all of creation through his death and resurrection and continuing his redeeming work done through his Church. There is no greater story and it is the one we frame our world in.

Have you considered your role in the story? Whether it is going to worship on Sunday morning or going to work and school on Monday, we are part of God’s story. God’s story did not end when the Bible was finished. He continues to work in the world to bring about the redemption of all of creation. As we gather each week to worship across the world, we rehearse God’s mighty acts in history. As we leave, we go to bring the continuing acts of God into the world we live in. Each one of us has a role to play. Each one of us is vital to the continuation of God’s story in the world. Worship does not stop when we leave church, it continues as we live and work and share as people who are part of God’s story inviting others to come into the story as well.

What story are you framing your life on? It is God’s story or some other story? Only God’s story will remain

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This is great info to know.